Shah might become defense minister

November 17 2015

If the situation does take on a new face, and people and their loyalties changes as well, Modi will like a respectable exit for Amit Shah. Thus, Shah’s name might be included in the top four list of Modi’s Cabinet. If sources are to be believed, Shah’s first preference will be the home ministry, but the post is already occupied by party heavyweight Rajnath Singh; Modi might not find it that easy to remove him. In any case, if Shah becomes the next home minister of India, the Opposition’s attack on Modi government might increase. In Shah’s own opinion, his past might get in the way. In such circumstances, the best alternative in front of Modi will be to push Manohar Parrikar towards the organization and away from defense ministry – which means the party will try to weave strategies to make him the next party president. Only then will be it possible to make Shah the next defense minister, so that he can defend himself and Modi from the constant attacks from within the party.

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