Shah may become a part of the government

May 26 2015

He may conduct himself like a Buddha, but he isn’t one, neither does he have compassion like him, nor forgiveness or large-heartedness. A few days ago when the BJP’s top man was called to Nagpur, the Sangh leadership tried to tell him how a distance was emerging between the saffron party’s top leadership and ordinary party workers, that too within a year of coming into power. It is believed that Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat once again put his view forward that BJP President and the country’s Prime Minister should not be from the same state – Gujarat. The Sangh leadership also took it up candidly with Rajnath Singh and Nitin Gadkari. In the next few days, Amit Shah may make an announcement about his new team. It is believed that it may feature new faces such as Arjun Munda and R Ashok. At the same time, there is speculation that the BJP might get a new party president; Shah might either take control of Gujarat government, or he might get a prominent position in the Modi government. Sources say he may get the ministry of home, rural development, or agriculture. Now even Shah is said to be ready for new responsibilities.

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