Shah’s sighs

May 14 2013

It was worth seeing the excitement of party members at a meeting attended by BJP’s prominent ministers and position holders. The subject was how to make an anti-Congress environment in the country. All of them had their own suggestions. For instance, Capt Abhimanyu’s suggestion was that a human chain be made. While some suggested a march, others suggested a vow to silence. But BJP’s newly-appointed vice president Varun Gandhi had an idea that the party should start an all-India “Jail bharo” movement. Varun said, “I am against violence of any kind. But if a spark is born out of a people’s movement, I don’t mind.” At this, the other party vice president Amit Shah quipped, “Varun has a good experience of prisons; he has been there before.” Varun quipped back saying, “Those who were left are going to go there soon.” Shah’s face was worth seeing.

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