Seventy-five plus also to contest elections

January 13 2014

With AAP’s rising sun and NaMo and BJP’s falling graph, the Sangh Parivar is worried and there was a meeting that took place in the Capital city about this. The points that emerged out of the meeting were that the BJP better not take AAP lightly. Two, only those that the party thinks will win should get tickets for the coming Lok Sabha elections. Thus, the Sangh has made a U-turn on its previous take that those who are more than 75 years old will not contest elections that that they will take on the role of a mentor. This change in Sangh’s take has made the leaders in the saffron party extremely happy. Thus, Advani can contest from Gandhinagar, Murli Manohar from Varanasi, Yashwant Sinha from Hazaribagh, Kalyan Singh from either Bulandshahar or Etawah. And if Vasundhara agrees, Jaswant Singh may contest from a seat in Rajasthan. What an irony – in these times of young voters, the BJP and Sangh are placing their bets on the retired politicians.

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