Senior Jaitley’s had it with his junior

August 22 2016

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is upset with his junior ministers. He has no idea why Santosh Gangwar and Arjun Meghwal have been sent to finance ministry, since they are more appropriate for law ministry. If you consider Santosh Gangwar, he is a law graduate from Rohilkhand University. Meghwal, on the other hand, is a promoted IAS officer who has a law degree and a masters in political science; he also has an MBA from Philippines University. Maybe that is the reason that for international meeting on economic matters that Jaitley can’t attend himself, he prefers to send his officers rather than his ministers for state. A few days ago, there was an Economic Forum meeting in China, where Jaitley preferred to send Secretary of Ministry for Finance Shaktikanta Das instead of his junior ministers. It is worth noting that this is the same Shaktikanta Das who is being targeted by Swamy for some time now.

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