Secrets of Lodha’s Digital Diary

December 26 2016

Since Parasmal Lodha, the Kolkatta businessman- realtor is nabbed by Enforcement Directorate (ED) and other investigation agencies, the audacious political rulers are turning meek. Sources reflect that there is an influx of revelations. After the historic announcement of demonetization on 8 November Lodha travelled almost more than six times in same chartered plane that is meant for Chief Minister, that too with (same) famous industrialist. This was transpired by the roster of this plane. It is said that the diary that has been seized from Lodha has names of several famous personalities. From the son of a leader of ruling party to several others flabbergasting details, this, however, proves that Lodha was all set to turn his black money into white. The digital diary of the who’s who of the political world consist name of former Chief Justice of Supreme Court.
Obtrusively, one of the prominent industrialist’s name from the field of communication and oil is also mentioned in the diary. His name also appeared in 2G scam. Sources say that this diary has a name of Vijay Singh Dogra who was associated with Sahara Chief. Dogra was also caught in London Chelsea ATM with the big amount. Since then he is on the wanted list. The Dogra’s diary has been used by Rahul and Kejriwal to flak the Prime Minister. The Kolkata businessman was arrested in connection with the recovery of plenty of new currency notes from a Delhi Law firm belonging to advocate Rohit Tandon and Chennai businessman Shekhar Reddy. It has been said that Lodha has much such shocking information that can bring political turmoil. But it doesn’t seem that government will take this too far to dig up the dirt as it might spoil their own hands.

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