Scindia’s ministership

August 15 2020

There was a lot of noise recently that Jyotiraditya Scindia would soon be in Modi cabinet and he would be the new education minister of the country, but at the moment these speculations seem to be running out of steam. Recently, Scindia has been appointed as a member of the Parliamentary Committee of the Ministry of Education, now the question arises that if the BJP top leadership was to make him a minister at the Centre then what was the need to bring him to the Parliamentary Committee because the Union Minister is never a member of a parliamentary committee. There are also indications that Modi is not going to expand his cabinet in the near future, and could wait till the Bihar election results. One more important thing is that BJP has given Scindia, the Rajya Sabha seat along with 14 of his supporting MLAs as ministers in the Shivraj government. Now Scindia has to ensure the victory of his 22 supporting MLAs in the upcoming by-election. Apart from this, the BJP has entrusted Scindia with an important responsibility that he should try to bring more political leaders in the saffron fold by breaking more and more young leaders of Rahul Brigade. That is, to dream of a ministerial position at the center, Scindia still has to undergo many more ordeals.

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