Scheme’ing Modi

January 15 2017

Modi, the blabber, quiet? Do not misread this as passivity. For sources reveal that he is working on some mega schemes to ensure the return to power of the BJP, past 2019. Amongst these schemes, Modi’s favourite is the Universal Basic Income one, which he thinks is the hottest sop for BJP to ride back to power on. This scheme is aimed to give a basic minimum monthly income to every individual in the country. Strategists are working on the amount that meets the basic need of individuals.
Work is on with a pilot project running in a panchayat in Madhya Pradesh, where every individual is being paid Rs 500 per month. This seems to have worked, as the lives of those individuals have improved.
Party sources insist that several such schemes are in the bag in scheming Modi’s poll plans, which includes, apart from the basic income one, also a pension for the aged. And what proves the substance of these schemes is that Aam Aadmi Party has also jumped into the fray with such a scheme, for in its Goa poll plan, AAP has said that if it comes to power, it will ensure a minimum of Rs 3,500 per month for every Goan.

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