Saurabh pulled up by Modi

September 13 2015

Narendra Modi isn’t finding it easy to digest Patel leader Hardik Patel’s recent rise to power. A few days ago, he called Saurabh Bhai Patel, a minister in Gujarat government, and gave him an earful. Sources say Modi did some straight talk with Saurabh and said, “It is because of you that things have come to such a head; that is because you have give him (Hardik Patel) an open hand. If you think that by doing this you can put pressure on me, you are misunderstood. You will never become Gujarat’s CM after this. In any case, your phone records show on which industrialist house’s instructions you are doing this.” Saurabh Patel innocently replied, “Sir, your style of work has not changed despite coming to Delhi. You may have left Gujarat, but you keep in touch with the state’s every detail.” But Saurabh’s smooth talk had no effect on Modi.

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