Sanskrit being taught in Italy

September 27 2014

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh will host an international conference in Karnataka’s Mysore in February next year. Sources reveal that those countries will take part in the conference that worship the sun and is their native God. The Sangh has been preparing for the event for a long time now, and Bhaiyaji Joshi, who is considered number two in the Sangh, has been to the US and several prominent European countries to prepare for the event. Sources close to the Sangh feel claim that those who will attend the conference include tribes and sub-tribes such as New Zealand’s Maori, and Mexico’s Mayan tribe. On Sangh’s agenda include spreading the word about Sanskrit, and maybe it is the result of this that two prominent universities such as Rome and Turin Universities are offering courses in Sanskrit. All in all, Modi’s rise to power has also meant his efforts to increase the Hindutva philosophy on a global scale.

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