Sanjay Singh’s spat with news channel

October 17 2016

Aam Admi Party was all set to win a majority in Punjab. But, the recent opinion polls show a 360 degree turn in its fortunes. In a news channel’s opinion poll Sanjay Singh was invited for panel discussion. He got embroiled with the anchor seeing opinion poll projection of different political parties in which AAP was shown behind Congress in Punjab. Sanjay got furious and questioned the authenticity of the poll. The anchor could not reply and Sanjay sharpened the attack by claiming that the channel had fudged the real pressure under some one’s pressure. But, how did he come to know of this? He said one of the reporters of the news channel himself has informed him that the numbers were manipulated. He also quoted figures of earlier polls done by the channel saying – the channel had showed AAP getting only 6 seats in 2013 but the party bagged 28. In 2015 the channel predicted AAP would get 24 seats but the party bagged 67 out of 70 seats at stake. This led to chaos. Sanjay Singh has already created similar ruckus on another channel on an earlier occasion.

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