Sanjay sick of his sasural

September 18 2016

The blames and finger-pointing at Punjab’s prabhari Sanjay Singh are flying in thick and fast. There is talk everywhere that a CD has been made on him. Fanning the gossip fires, Arvind Kejriwal said it openly at his Moga rally that 63 fake CDs of AAP people have been made so far. Sanjay’s worried father finally called him and asked him if he needed help of any kind. Sanjay had just about turned down the offer when a phone call came in from his wife’s family – his brothers-in-law’s (his wife’s brothers’), to be precise – who wanted to know if they should come to Delhi and defend him in a press conference. A surprised and anxious Sanjay told them off by telling them when their own sister never suspected him of straying and never asked for any explanations, why should they be giving so much importance to the matter. The matter was soon brushed under the carpet.

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