Sangma’s heritage

March 08 2016

The sudden death of P K Sangma, a popular politician from the northeast, who was also a former Central minister and speaker, has caused some tensions in the family regarding his political heritage. Sangma ji’s wife wants that just like her father, Agatha Sangma – who has also been a minister at the Centre — should take forward P K Sangma’s political heritage. It is worth noting that it was Agatha’s advice to her father that he should leave his ace seat in Meghalaya. On the other hand, a faction of the party wants the Parliament seat left empty by the father should be filled by his son Conrad Sangma through a by-election. That is because he is active in politics and, at present, also the leader of Opposition in Meghalaya’s Assembly. At the same time, Madam Sangma thinks that the son should concentrate on state politics and the daughter should take care of politics at the Centre.

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