Sangma to leave NDA

February 12 2013

It has hardly been any time that the relationship between the BJP, NDA and P A Sangma has already turned sour. A few days ago, Sangma had made the announcement of his political party – National People’s Party. He had also sent a letter to Advani professing his party’s support to the NDA. For the Assembly elections this time, the BJP and Sangma’s party have formed an alliance. According to the arrangement, the NPP has left four seats for the BJP in the state. The BJP had assured full support in the elections to Purno Sangma and regarding it, Sangma had met Advani thrice, Narendra Modi twice, and Rajnath and Gadkari twice each, too. During all these meeting, he had been assured to the party’s support. But now when the elections are set to be held in Meghalaya on February 23, the BJP’s promises are proving to be empty and Sangma is said to be pretty upset about it. When Sangma’s party’s national secretary and treasurer Alok Goyal went to meet BJP leader Ramlal for help during elections after being directed to do so by Rajnath Singh, Ramlal clearly told Goyal that the BJP coffers were empty at the moment. He added that the party would not be able to extend any help to anyone at this time. An upset Sangma decided that he will neither go campaigning for any of the BJP leaders nor share the dais with any of them. In the days to come, Sangma’s party may also break its alliance with the BJP.

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