Sangh’s plans to go global

December 07 2014

The foreign wing of RashtriyaSwayamsevak Sangh is working overtime nowadays, to blend Modi’s global ideas with Sangh’s basic principles. The foreign arm of Sangh has been relying on hisjoint general secretaryMadan Das Devi for a long time. For some time, however, Madan Das ji has not been keeping well and thus he is getting full support from DattatreyaHosabale and Nagendra. Also, relations between Madan Das and NarendraModi are on a different level. For a long time, Madan Das has been supporting Modi and a possible reason for this may be that both he and Modi hail from the same village. A few months ago when Dattatreya Hosabale was on his tour to Europe, he got full support from Ram Vaidya and SoumitraGokhale to make Sangh more visible in the Western continent. Dattatreya made use of public transport in London and Paris. It is worth mentioning here that Hosabale has an extensive knowledge of religion and culture. So during his visit to Paris and the Netherlands, a lot of his time was spent in museums. Sangh plans to observe June 21 as International Yoga Day, when the day will be observed all over the world. For this, people who have pro-Sangh leanings in different countries are being identified. For instance, a Swayamsevak from the Sangh has been a minister in Norway, the chief justice of Trinidad has been close to the Sangh, and at least two MPs in Britain have been close to the organisation, too. To increase the reach of Sangh, work is being done to bring the youth, especially software engineers, in the US and European nations to bring into the Sangh fold. For instance, the responsibility for the same in the Silicon Valley has fallen on Yelloji Rao, while the same in Washington DC is being handled by Radheshyam Trivedi, Ved Prakash Nanda and Sanghs affair in Britain is being look after by DheerajBhai Shah. All in all, Sangh is doing all it can to go global.

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