Sangh’s new number two

December 13 2014

A big change is going to take place in March next year. The Sangh leadership intends to bring about a new image makeover and make it look like a younger, modern and progressive body. Sangh’s number two and its general secretary Suresh Rao Joshi, that is Bhaiyaji Joshi will see an end to his term in coming March. The name of a joint general secretary may be put forward for the post. At present, Sangh has three joint general secretaries – Dattatreya Hosabale, Suresh Soni and Krishna Gopal. Gopal has already been made an incharge for BJP from Sangh; he has taken this position from Suresh Soni. For now, Dattatreya Hosabale seems to be ahead in the race for the general secretary’s post. From Sangh, he is considered to be the closest to Narendra Modi. Dattatreya Hosabale belongs to Karnataka, is a post graduate in English literature and has been a protege of Sangh’s prominent personality Late H V Seshadri. Sangh Sar Sanchalak Mohan Bhagwat will not find it easy to look for his own successor; Sah Sar Karyavahs (joint general secretaries) naturally takes over as the general secretary. But the All India Pratinidhi Sabha has a big role in the general secretary election. The Sabha has a meeting every year, but the elections for post-holding positions happen every three years. So, if Hosabale is appointed number two in the organisation, Prime Minister Modi will find it convenient to take certain significant decisions.

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