Sangh’s fondness for Smriti

March 03 2015

It seems the budding animosity between government and Sangh now seem to be growing more and more obvious. If Sangh sources can be believed, many of Sangh’s jobs is pending as most of the ministers are trying to avoid doing Sangh’s work except for Human Resources Minister Smriti Irani, who has kept her heart and doors of her ministry open for Sangh members. Sources confirm that on suggestions from some of the ministers, Smriti has started one such programme, which is benefitting all the higher institutes related to Sangh. The minister has started one 500 crore worth, which will be directly utilized by colleges to develop skill Centres in the colleges. Under this programme, 100 colleges from across the country would be chosen and granted Rs 5 crore each for a skill center. It is said that Smriti is choosing most of those colleges whose management has some backing from Sangh. Most of the Sangh run institutes are in the North-East, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh; obviously most of the funding is likely to go in these states.

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