Sangh’s Europe plan

September 27 2014

Ever since the BJP and Modi have hoisted the winning flag after the Lok Sabha elections, one prominent Sangh leader Dattatreya Hosabale is busy trying to make the Sangh philosophy popular in European countries. For this, he is getting the full support of Ram Vaidya who stays in London. It is worth remembering that Ram Vaidya establishes Sangh’s branches staying in London. He is the son of a prominent Sangh leader M G Vaid and Manmohan Vaidya’s brother. Hosabale and Vaidya reached Paris on an invitation to speak in the city’s Louvre Museum and were taking part in a programme about India-France’s cultural exchange. After that they went to The Ramakrishna Mission’s ashram in Paris and unveiled Swami Vivekananda’s statue there. Then they went to Brahma Kumari’s ashram there. Anshuman Mishra, an NRI Businessman living in London was also seen with the two Sangh leaders. Sangh is set to establish its branches in at least six European countries – France, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Italy and Finland.

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