Sangh upset with Ladwa

November 23 2015

Along with his friend from Chicago Dr Bharat Birai, Manoj Ladwa has been spreading the ideology of the Sangh Parivar in the US and European nations. He has also been collecting claimed and unclaimed amounts of money for the Sangh. But the question is: why is the organization upset with Ladwa despite all this? The issue is, Ladwa has personal relations with those in the Labour Party in the UK and it is said that this time when Modi went to London, David Cameron of the Conservative Party left no stone unturned in rolling out the red carpet for Modi. Sources say that during such warm welcomes, the British prime minister let it slip to Modi that he was unhappy with the fact that Ladwa was campaigning for the mayor’s elections on behalf of the Labour Party. What the Sangh leadership doesn’t like is – why is Ladwa campaigning for a Pakistani British citizen Sadiq Khan, who is the Labour Party’s candidate for the mayor’s post? Ladwa will have to face such unpleasant questions and more in the days to come. And this might somehow affect Modi as well.

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