Sangh in command

January 15 2010

For years there was an important post in the BJP of general secretary
(organisation) and from the view point of Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh,
this post always used to be of much importance because it was with
this “remote control’’ that the Sangh always tried to hold on to the
reins of this wild party. Many aggressive leaders with a Sangh
background have in the past raised the stature of this post; for
example Kushabhau Thackeray, Sunder Singh Bhandari, Sanjay Joshi,
Ramlal, etc, etc. But as soon as Nitin Gadkari was made the new party
president, this post was merged into the post of the president. And
even otherwise, after Gadkari’s appointment what need is there for the
Sangh to run BJP with a remote control, on the biggest seat of BJP now
a Sangh nominee has been installed. The Sangh can press any button
now, Gadkari is willing to implement every direction of the Sangh.

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