Sangh ensures Himachal’s rebellion does not reach Gujarat

November 23 2022

The Sangh had taken command of the Gujarat elections a year ago, reliable sources related to the Sangh revealed that after consulting the BJP top, the Sangh had entrusted the responsibility of Gujarat to more than 6000 of its volunteers, one in each assembly. More than 40 volunteers are active. Two main centers of election management have been set up, one in Ahmedabad and the other in Rajkot for the Saurashtra region. The BJP high command had clearly told its workers to work in coordination with the Sangh. Perhaps this was the reason that in the Gujarat elections, the BJP cut off the tickets of its established leaders on a large scale, but there was no squabbling anywhere, the Sangh did not allow Gujarat to become Himachal, the Sangh itself took up the task of convincing the angry leaders.

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