Salman’s pride came from….

November 05 2012

Despite struggling against so much that is being said against Salman Khurshid, his political career is only getting better, leading to a lot of Congressmen being surprised at it all. Not only did Salman’s friendship with the Gandhi family stand him in good stead, he was also one of the ministers liked by the prime minister. This was probably the reason that during the reshuffle this time, Rahul Gandhi was in favour of Anand Sharma becoming the foreign minister, but Manmohan Singh doesn’t like Sharma for several reasons. It was because of his veto power that Salman got the foreign minister’s post. Then there was his foreign education and a lot of experience in politics that worked in his favour. He is from UP, a Muslim and from the old Congress family and his loyalty to the Gandhi family has been through several generations. His maternal grandfather was Zakir Hussain, while his father Khurshid Alam was an old Congress hand and has been a Rajya Sabha member and even held the governor’s post in Karnataka at one time. So instead of heeding Rahul’s advice, the prime minister chose to listen to his own mind.

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