Sahara’s graph going south

February 25 2013

The government’s clutches on the Sahara Group are set to tighten in the days to come. At present, the government’s eyes are set on those officials from the finance ministry who, despite repeated warnings from the Financial Intelligence Unit about the alleged money laundering and the urge to stop it, did nothing about it. Sources reveal that now the government is looking at laying claim on three big hotels, of which two are in the US and one in London. The total cost of the three hotels is pegged at Rs 6,000-7,000 crore. Sources reveal that the Sahara Group took a big loan from the Bank of China for the deals. Indian agencies are now investigating that if these hotels were bought from the money of small investors in India, how can Sahara Shri, his wife and two sons lay claim to it? Sources also reveal that contact has been made with the Interpol regarding the issue.

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