Saffron bets on Yeddurappa

January 19 2016

The BJP has almost decided that B S Yeddurappa will be the party’s face in Karnataka. For the MLC elections in Karnataka this time, the saffron party nearly confirmed it, but when the trio of Ananth Kumar, Sadanand Gowda, and Ishwarappa played their game, Yeddurappa lost in his own region. Thereafter, he went to meet Shah and Modi to complain about the three. Sources say that Yeddurappa met with the duo and said that be it Ananth, Gowda or Ishwarappa, all these politicians owe their success to him, and now the three were not only working against him, but were also harming the BJP’s roots in Karnataka. Sources say Modi called Ananth and Sadanand Gowda together and told them in clear words that if another such complain came against them, they might be ousted from the Cabinet.

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