Sachin’s Flight of Fancy

April 17 2017

The top Congress youth leader from Rajasthan’s political flight seemed grounded for a while and he was forlorn. During a recent meeting with Congress VP Rahul Gandhi, the latter apparently told Pilot that he must not forget to consult Congress biggie from the state, Ashok Gehlot, before taking any major decision. RaGa explained that Gehlot has been at the vanguard of maintaining unanimity in the party. Scuttlebutt is that after the meeting, Pilot is supposed to have sounded aggrieved to a a handful of his favourite political newsmakers. He reportedly told that after the rout of the party in the state, when no state leader had the gumption of confronting the Vasundhara Raje dictatorship in the state, it was he, Pilot alone who had cruised the Congress across the state’s youth cadre… and now to be told to genuflect to Gehlot! But the journos caressed his ego, subtly, and assured him that his fate would be just like that of Captain Amrinder Singh in Punjab, and he would get the command in Rajasthan. On hearing such assurances, apparently, Sachin ‘piloted’ his own new fanciful flight back to Jaipur.

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