Ruling party loses in Parliament

March 08 2015

Modi government is deeply missing capable Pramod Mahajan, when ruling party’s floor management appears extremely weak in both the houses of parliament. Parliamentary affairs ministers are hardly aware of opposition’s plans and strategies. In this context, UPA2’s then parliamentary affairs Minister Rajiv Shukla deserves applaud that despite government not having one-third majority in parliament, he managed a division in NDA on ‘Judicial appointments Bill’. Then NDA’s partners like Shiv sena and Akali Dal had voted in the favor of the then government. Shukla considers Pranab Mukherjee as his guru in the matters of parliamentary affairs. Pranab da holds a belief that a successful parliamentary affairs minister’s job is to ensure smooth working of ‘government business in the Parliament. Raghuramaiah can be considered a fine example here, who constantly kept his eyes on opposition benches during the sessions of the parliament. Modi government wants to pass land acquisition bill, coal bill and insurance bill during the joint session of the parliament. However, all eyes should be on the President, whether he will give green signal to begin such new trends.

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