“Rudra Swahakar Yagya” for Shivraj

April 21 2016

It has already been revealed in this column about how Vedic pundits of Kashi and south India are being taken to Japan to organize a Maharudra yagya there, so that the new generation in Japan can be given a positive environment. With the initiative of Texas-based Vedic Yagya Centre in the US, and a request from Japan government, 108 knowledgeable pundits from Kashi and south India, two acharyas, 10 pundits on stand-by, and 15 assistants, will start this Maharudra Yagya from October 21, Japan time, from 8 am, which will go on non-stop until Sunday, October 23, 2016, 9 pm. Sources say the Indian government has given the green signal to these pundits’ Japan trip, and it is speculated that several prominent Cabinet ministers from the Modi government will be present to see them off at the Delhi airport. Several pundits who are to be a part of this yagya have been invited by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan for Ujjain’s Kumbh. It is estimated that these Vedic pundits will do the Rudra Swahakar Yagya from May 17-20. The main roots of this yagya are elements such as money, rudra (dev), and letting go (tyaag). A reliable source says that seeing the way Shivraj is embroiled in a fresh controversy everyday, he might have come up with the yagya to address and overcome them.

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