RSS’ UK Victory

March 19 2017

May be the RSS did not have its say all the way in selecting the CM for UP, but it had a clear field in Uttarakhand. Whereas the Sangh’s top leader Bhaiyaji Joshi had full support for Rajnath Singh as the UP CM, but could not pull it off, but in Uttarakhand, the entire top brass from Nagpur had backed Trivendra Singh Rawat to the hilt. The credit of bringing Rawat into BJP goes to former UP BJP organising secretary Mohan Singh Rawat. Trivendra Rawat belongs to Pauri region and is a trusted person of RSS and Amit Shah. He had been a minister in the reigns of Nityanand Swami as well as Bhagat Singh Koshyari. It is said that he was once very close to Rajnath Singh, but in the changing political spectrum, he changed his political hue, strategy and loyalties.

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