Red Fortress’ Saffron Flag!

March 11 2017

The saffron ship is riding the waves in the wake of the landslide victory in UP and Uttrakhand elections. The BJP has swept clean in UP after 3 decades. And the “Chanakya” of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Amit Shah has now set his eyes for the 2019 general elections on the remote and small states of the country where the lotus had never bloomed before. First, the success at a coalition government in Assam, then winning back Arunachal and now The Shah has set his sight on the tiny state of Tripura. In the state, every evening, the BJP youth wing takes out rallies, which not just stamp the saffron brigade’s intentions, but more so, the shouts of “Modi-Modi” rends the air. It is a fact that the fight to secure the last Left bastion in the form of Tripura lies in the hands of the redoubtable Manik Sarkar, and besides, the elections in the state are still a year or so away. But the storm trooping by the BJP apparatchiks in the hill state shows just one thing: that Shah is hell bent on securing each and every seat for Modi in the 2019 polls. Every seat is important. The Left is, of course, blaming the handiwork of the state Governor, Tathagat Roy behind this. Roy was once the head of the West Bengal unit of the BJP and is a staunch RSS person, and he has learned the political tricks of winning elections from the Left itself. But the saffron brigade is shielding His Excellency from such scud missiles, insisting that the Left are saying all this out of sheer frustration.

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