Rats Chewed Crores!

April 02 2017

During the recent polls in the five states, a seasoned politician, who had once also been the chief minister of a state, lost all his money to a businessman friend. It is learnt that just before the elections, this ex-CM had wanted a few of his friends to keep a huge sum of money he had stored. He had entrusted his son to reach the monies to these various friends. But the former CM’s son went ahead and handed over all the money to just one of his father’s businessman friends. The ex-CM had anticipated that after the elections, there would be a hung assembly, and in that eventuality, he would use the money to buy MLAs from other parties. But that hope was dashed. So the ex-CM wanted his money back, and he despatched his son to the friend. But the business man loudly lamented and said that to keep the money safe, he had put it all in a sack and hidden it in his grains godown. But alas, he later found that rats have chewed away all the notes. The bewildered son asked, so how much has been lost? At that the wails of the businessman went a few pitches higher: “Nothing, nothing at all… oh God! What will I do now?” So then ex-CM saab told his friend to return the money in instalments. But the friend said, “How can I? That was a huge sum of money. Had it been four or five crore, I could have even thought about it. But that kind of money I just don’t have!” And now the politico is growling at his son day in and day out for putting all the eggs in one basket.

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