Ratan’s Pal Mukesh

January 10 2017

There was a time when the two Mughals of Indian industry never really shared a convivial peace pipe. We are talking about Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani. But the pressure of the changed situation on the one hand, and the efforts of powerbroker Nira Radia on the other, have made them the best of friends, or so it seems. So much so, that Tata finalises his every hard punch on Cyrus Mistry only after consulting ‘friend’ Mukesh. There are birds cooing that recently, when Tata telephoned Ambani, he was gymming it out in a hotel in Amsterdam. And yet, Mukesh took the call.
On the other hand, Nusli Wadia too had an ‘anti-hero’ role in getting the two together. Wadia’s bitter opposition to the Ambani patriarch, late Dhirubhai, is common knowledge. And in the Tata-Mistry war, Wadia has clearly sided with the latter, hence enemy’s enemy = friend. It is a roaring friendship now, with the elder Ambani scion openly supporting Tata in his war with Cyrus.

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