Raman reined in

January 13 2016

The revelation of tapes revealing the equation between BJP MLA Manturam and Amit-Ajit Jogi is not a sudden one. Sources say the Modi government’s hawk eye had already identified Thakur Raman Singh’s knack to rule, and a keen eye was kept on him – the same that had been on Vyapam as well, in the past. It had been clear to the Centre how Thakur sahib works alongside the Opposition when it comes to making a state like Chhattisgarh function. Then, a lead about the entire thing was given to an English newspaper. Ever since the Vyapam genie has come out of the bottle in Madhya Pradesh, and the Centre has the keys to it (thanks to the CBI), Shivraj has been shown his place. So is Raman next, now? The script for this had been written much before, and Raman has been reined in, too. Modi’s arms are indeed long.

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