Ram Madhav’s changing attitude

October 20 2020

Once considered the most powerful general secretary in the BJP organization, Ram Madhav’s departure from JP Nadda’s new team is surprising, however, Madhav supporters argue that the PM is going to include him in his cabinet. At the same time, there are people from the other stream who are saying that these days PM is extremely angry with Ram Madhav. There are many reasons for this outrage. A Gulf country ambassador met PM and complained about Madhav to him. When Ram Madhav was in Assam a few days ago, he announced Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal as the CM face in the upcoming election, due to which Hemant Biswa Sarma got so annoyed that he refused to contest the next election. To convince him the PM himself had to take the initiative and proposed to include him in his cabinet. The PM is also believed to have disliked the move by Ram Madhav when he met a businessman close to Madhu Koda to topple Hemant Soren’s government in Jharkhand and there were talks of some transactions. Is this the only reason that Ram Madhav has started showing his rebellious attitude? In his article published in the Indian Express newspaper on Gandhi Jayanti on 2 October, Ram Madhav has openly expressed his views, and has written- ‘ Gandhi respected his critics while the dictator did not tolerate opposition. They live in their cocoons, surrounded by men and henchmen, the same story was repeated from Hitler to Stalin. These signs are bigger and Ram Madhav’s intentions are even greater.

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