Ram and ‘Good days of Ram’s Party

February 15 2015

The footfall of ‘Acche Din’ (good days) is finally being heard in the midst of the murmurs of politics. As the saying goes, ‘Chugne wale upar hi upar sari garmi chug baithe, humne jalayi this aag par mutthi aayee raakh’. When Jet Airways London-Delhi flight landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport on 11th February, BJP’s general secretary and Sangh’s star pracharak, Ram Madhav too travelled as a passenger in first class of the flight. The fellow passengers in the first class were extremely impressed by ‘down to earth’ simplicity of the senior saffron leader. His travel from New York to Sidney, Milan to London and then back to Delhi must be quite tiresome; however Ram Madhav appeared bright and spirited. Because it was his effort that has helped set up BJP-PDP alliance to form a government in Jammu and Kashmir. And, now BJP general secretary was to fly from Delhi to Srinagar. Whether, it is 5 lakh worth air travel or 10 lakh worth suit, at least good days seem to have come for those in governance party.

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