Raj Babbar meets Rahul

May 11 2016

Congress party heavyweights are actively participating in the race to become the party’s head in UP. A few days ago, actor-turned politician Raj Babbar met party’s Vice President Rahul Gandhi and staked claim to head the party in UP. Babbar’s argument was that there is no caste-specific tag on him. That is why he finds acceptance with people of all castes. People know him and because his wife Nadira comes from a Muslim family, his acceptance among Muslim voters is good, too. Rahul found logic in what Babbar had to say, and for now he has given the matter to the party’s electoral strategist Prashant Kishore. Soon thereafter, Jitin Prasad met with Sonia Gandhi and staked his claim for the party’s head in UP. Sonia let the matter slide with Jitin saying it was Rahul who was looking at UP for now, and so it would be better if Jitin met him.

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