Rains from the Sangh’s “Jal Vrishti Yagna”

April 21 2016

Nearly a dozen states in India are reeling under drought, and there is a pitiful clamour for water in states such as Maharashtra, Telengana, and Gujarat. Sensing the problem, it seems the Sangh has been considering the thought of organizing a “Jal Vrishti Yagya” with the help of Vedic pundits in these states. Sources say that in the past, too, when there was a drought-like situation in the country, the then Sangh sarchanchalak K Sudarshan organized 11 such yagnas in the country, and it is said that the results of these were positive. Such a yagna has the participation of 37 Vedic pundits, and is completed while sitting in a big vessel full of water. A highly-placed source in the Sangh says that back then, one such yagna cost Rs 11 lakh. In today’s times, this might cost nearly Rs 15 lakh. At that time, Sudarshan ji had organized these yagnas in states such as Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. The Sangh now plans to hold them in BJP-ruled states. The organization is in constant touch with its branch organizations to see to it that the yagyas are a grand occasion. The time period of these yagya is at least a week. If the “Jal Vrishti Yagya” indeed can do a miracle, India is ready with folded hands to welcome it in today’s troubled times.

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