Prabhu needs to act

February 04 2017

Railways minister Suresh Prabhu is considered as one of the finest and most able ministers in the Modi government. But the performance of his ministry is casting a shadow on him now. This is the first time ever that the railway budget was merged into the main one and presented by finance minister Arun Jaitley, rather than the railways minister. The budget shows that the last fiscal had not gone well for the ministry. And despite the fact that Prabhu is both able as well as hard working, insiders say he relies much more on freelance economists and corporate advisers than railway officials themselves. Also, last year Prabhu’s ministry did not do too well, losing Rs 25,000 crore in passenger fares. There were also too many accidents and the income from commercial freight transaction – at Rs 45,000 crore – was less than that of the previous year. Prabhu is very active in the social media and hence has a youth following. It is easy enough to meet him too, as he is ready to listen to all. But now it is time that he does something to shore up his performance.

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