Railways minister’s Joshi connection

January 06 2016

Ever since Suresh Prabhu has taken over the railways ministry, he is trying all he can to give his ministry a makeover. Rising above the banal and predictable, he is trying to set the ground for path-breaking initiatives. So much so that when dedicated workers from the BJP and Sangh find it tough to get their railways reservation tickets confirmed, they go to Prabhu’s chambers and directly address the issue. Right after Prabhu became the railways minister, negative things have been circulating around about him and the trend continues. A few days ago, a similar docket of papers arrived at BJP’s Margadarshak Dal’s veteran Lal Krishna Advani’s desk. After examining the papers, Advani forwarded the same to his fellow associate Murli Manohar Joshi for further action. Sources say the papers reached Prabhu via Joshi, because the latter’s son-in-law is Suresh Prabhu’s PS. Prabhu took immediate action about the papers and gave clarifications to Advani and the matter was soon brushed under the carpet.

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