Rahul’s Tea Party

January 04 2021

The style of Rahul Gandhi’s politics is also quite unique. For the last few weeks, when the party is going through turmoil, he is contemplating on international issues. However, at times he has posted a tweet or statement about the farmer movement too, but his real interest seems elsewhere. Kaushal Kishore Vidyarthi, who worked for Rahul at the Gymkhana Club in New Delhi, organized a tea party a fortnight ago and a large number of foreign diplomats were invited to this tea party. Needless to say that a large number of diplomats came to meet and talk to Rahul and the most surprising thing is that Rahul himself was present in that tea party for more than two hours. The invited diplomats were deeply impressed that Rahul keeps a close watch on international developments and his vision of India’s foreign policy is very clear. But they were concerned that when so much is going on in the country, then should he have had two hour-long tea session?

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