Rahul’s new avatar

March 08 2016

A few days ago, Rahul Gandhi appeared in a new avatar in the Parliament – brimming with self-confidence, taking aim at the prime minister, playing with words, and firing questions at the BJP and Sangh. The words hit their mark with the prime minister, which made him react similarly in the Parliament. Now the question is, how did this change in Rahul’s speech and natural interrogative format come about? Has he really shown the door to his old speech writers such as Mihir Sharma? Sources who claim to be close to him claim that Rahul has now started to learn from his mistakes. Once surrounded by a coterie, Rahul is now also consulting veteran and seasoned party leaders about matters, and is paying attention to what they have to say. Sources also say that only two people are in-charge of fine-tuning Rahul’s speeches and his personality – Priyanka Gandhi and Suman Dubey. Clearly, Rahul not only listens to them, he also walks their talk.

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