Rahul’s dinner with Congress MLAs

December 26 2016

Rahul Gandhi after his Bahraich rally met all his legislators in Lucknow for dinner and shared their concern. It is said that Rahul in this meeting assured his legislators that he is in touch with Akhilesh and soon the chapter of Congress- SP coalition will be closed. Rahul apprised them that he had a telephonic conversation with Akhilesh and he is quite excited for the coalition with Congress but an only hitch is a number of seats “he is ready to leave 55 seats but we want 70 seats.” According to sources, SP is now ready to leave 62 seats for Congress. The hitch is about 4-5 seats only. This includes seats of Malihan and Amethi. SP does not want to leave these seats for Congress. But the big leaders of Congress are willing to contest election from here.

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