Rahul’s coterie

January 05 2014

Congress’ new strategist Rahul Gandhi seems to have emerged in a new light. He is taking quick and prompt decisions nowadays and is in a hurry to see things done. As a result, even the big shots in the Congress are not getting a chance to speak out and several of them have met Sonia and complained about it saying that the party’s joint-decision making has vanished and the entire practise has gone into the hands of Rahul and his coterie. For instance, nowadays, Jairam Ramesh is giving Rahul Gandhi lessons about direct democracy and participatory democracy. This is the reason Rahul is behaving like a political activist. In matters of organisation, Rahul Gandhi is talking to Jairam Ramesh, Madhusudan Mistry, Janardan Dwiedi and Kanishka Singh. He has handed over all media matters to Ajay Maken, Deependra Hooda is taking care of the war room. Sam Pitroda is among those who are close to Rahul and Rahul consults him on all sorts of matters. Suman Dubey takes care of all his speeches and statements, while an international company Ipan is taking care of his image.


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