Rahul to write new rules for the political game

January 13 2014

If Rahul is announced as the next prime ministerial candidate around January 17, he is sure to come forward as the Congress’ new face that symbolises a sea of changes. He will also give place to young politicians with a clean career and character in his group of ministers. In order to reach the cause of inclusivity, those who are working with people at the grassroots will get preference. If necessary, Rahul and his team will also not shy away from attacking Manmohan Singh and his policies. The Supreme Court’s Attorney General’s statement can be seen in this same light that the Congress’ take on Manmohan Singh is changing. When the Attorney General agreed to it in the court that something or the other had gone wrong with the allotment of coal blocks, it brought to light a change of perception and meant that it would grow; that is because the AG usually has the same take as that of the government. Rahul may take some hard decisions that will change people’s opinion of him. Bills, as many as possible, will be passed in the Parliament and Women’s Reservation Bill and Whistle-blower Bill to be tabled in the Parliament. This goes on to show that the Congress is committed to introduce its crown prince in a new avatar.

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