Rahul puts Chavan in an uncomfotable position!

November 23 2022

When Rahul Gandhi, heading the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, reached Nanded in Maharashtra, he was received by the former chief minister of the state, Ashok Chavan, for whom it was being widely discussed that he would be joining the BJP along with 12 of his supporting MLAs. The names of senior Congress leaders Balasaheb Thorat and Vijay Vadattiwar were also being mentioned. Anyway, these speculations were strengthened when Chavan along with his 12 supporting MLAs reached there late during the trust vote motion of Shide-Fadnavis. His meeting with Devendra Fadnavis at a friend’s house during the Ganesh festival was also in the news. Chavan is looking for a suitable platform to bring his daughter Sreejaya into active politics. When Ashok’s father Yashwant Rao Chavan was also not declared as the CM of Maharashtra by the Congress at that time, he reportedly got angry and took a different path, forming a new party. So, this time as soon as Ashok Chavan received Rahul in Nanded, the Gandhi scion went straight from there to a Gurudwara and then held an important meeting of party leaders. While speaking in that meeting, Rahul pointed to Chavan sitting next to him and said, “Look, he is sitting here, till recently there was talk of joining BJP.” Chavan was left without words.

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