Rahul in September

February 15 2015

Rahul, a darling son of his mother, is hell bent to see Sheila and Sandip Dixit resign from the party. Nevertheless, Sonia is not keen to give much ear to this matter. But Sonia loyalist obviously are asking for action against those who bought Congress at zero in Delhi, which includes Rahul, Ajay Maken, PC Chako, Madhusudan Mistry and Mohan Prakash. Mohan Prakash alone has caused 5 defeats for Congress. However, Rahul is mulish that no one from his team should be disturbed. Rahul wants full rights from his mother. While Sonia is telling him that, ‘you are distributing the tickets and you are making chief whip as well, my people are left with no work, they are only collecting money and resources for the party’. The mother finally surrenders for the sake of love of her son. If everything goes according to plan, Rahul should take over the mantle of the party by this September. And, Sonia will take the role of custodian of the party. Rahul aims to give a new face to the party before Congress’s hand turns into a clasp.

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