Rahul’s NaMo mania

May 14 2013

Michael Steiner, Germany’s ambassador in India is known for his special diplomacy skills. It is the same Steiner who invited Narendra Modi to his residence for lunch and to keep the event a high-profile one, he also sent out invitations to ambassadors of other countries. The delicious smells of the meal and the news about the event reached far and wide. So far that Congress’ crown prince Rahul Gandhi could contain himself no longer and made a quick call to Steiner, inviting him over for tea. The Gandhi family has close relations with this German ambassador. Steiner’s wife especially gets along well with Sonia Gandhi. That is because the German ambassador’s wife has relatives in Italy and the both are often seen speaking to each other in Italian. When Michael Steiner reached Rahul’s home for tea, Rahul promptly asked him what opinion he had of Modi and what kind of a person he was. What the clever diplomat said surprised even the Congress crown prince. About NaMo, Steiner commented, “I thought I was going to meet a lion but he turned out to be an extremely insecure person.” But obviously, Rahul was beside himself with joy when he heard this.

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