Radha Mohan Singh ahead in the race

April 26 2015

The coming Assembly elections in Bihar are nothing less than a test by fire for Modi-Shah duo. BJP’s insider survey of likeable politicians, Sushil Modi has tumbled down in the list. But a prominent party leader at the Centre, who is also considered to be extremely reliable by Modi, is advocating Sushil Modi’s name as the chief ministerial candidate. At the same time, Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh, and Ravi Shankar Prasad are emerging as Modi’s confidantes. There was a time when Radha Mohan Singh was considered to be a pillar of strength for the Rajnath camp. But loyalties are conditional and time-dependent in politics. Thus, the way Modi praised Radha Mohan with an open heart; there is speculation that Radha Mohan might be a candidate for chief ministership from the BJP. Provided the NDA wins necessary seats to get a majority.

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