Prize Distribution

August 02 2017

The three political engineers behind the BJP’s massive win in the Northeast deserve to be rewarded, think the mandarins. These three are Ram Madhav, Muralidhar Rao and Bhupendra Yadav. The Monsoon Session of the Parliament ends on August 11. There is news in the air that the next week, that is, around August 17, the Modi cabinet is in for a major haul. Now, many important ministries are lying vacant, with some senior ministries holding these as additional charges along with their primary ministerial job. Manohar Parrikar’s departure has seen the defence ministry without a full-time minister. With the sudden demise of Anil Madhav Dave, the environment ministry is lacking its shepherd. Venkaiah Naidu had two important ministries under him, urban development and information & broadcasting, and these two will fall vacant. Besides, scuttlebutt is that health minister JP Nadda will be sent to Himachal Pradesh as the CM-face of the BJP in the coming polls. Hailing from Amalapuran district of Andhra Pradesh, Ram Madhav has in recent times successfully under some damage control missions on behalf of Modi-Shah duo, so it is likely that he will be brought into Rajya Sabha to the seat that fell vacant on Anil Madhav Dave’s demise. The tenure of that seat is till 2022. Likewise, with Naidu vacating his seat, Muralidhar Rao will have to step into the seat from Rajasthan. So it seems to be a week of prize distribution ceremony soon, though it is also being said that some ineffective leaders may get the boot.

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