Priyanka’s dear ones

March 24 2014

Priyanka Gandhi also played a big role in having Bhojpuri star Ravi Kishan contest from Jaunpur. Initially, she had given the responsibility to talk to Ravi Kishan to Mumbai congress leader  Kripashankar Singh. When Kripashankar spoke to Ravi Kishan, he kept avoiding the matter and then Priyanka handed over the job to Rajiv Shukla. Known for his political moves, Shukla had Ravi Kishan meet Priyanka the very next day and Ravi Kishan could not turn down her offer and he agreed to contest the elections on the Congress ticket. The twist in the entire matter was that BJP President Rajnath Singh himself has been in touch throughout with Ravi Kishan and he had, in a way, got Ravi Kishan to agree to contesting elections from the BJP in Jaunpur. But Priyanka came in and turned the tables at the last moment. Similarly, the party wanted Raj Babbar to contest from Lucknow but considering the caste ratios, Priyanka sent him to Ghaziabad because the loss-win may change due to the presence of Muslims, Jats and Punjabis. In the same way, it was Priyanka’s decision to have Arjun Singh’s son to contest from Satna, Purnamasi Ram from Gopalganj and also to have Acharya Pramod and Imran Masood contest the elections. At the same time, Priyanka has decided for herself that she will contest the next Lok Sabha elections from Rae Bareilly, which is her mother’s seat. Which means that may be the last time Sonia contests the elections. On the other hand, there are indications that Priyanka may make a foray into active politics. 

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