Pranab da’s New Politics

October 30 2017

Ever since former president Pranab Mukherjee has shifted out of the regal Rashtrapati Bhavan into his much tinier 10 Rajaji Marg duplex bungalow, he has turned a complete family man. On the top floor of the bungalow lives his daughter Sharmistha who is the spokesperson of Delhi state Congress party. In the two rooms on the ground floor, Pranab da has set up his library and office. It is a legend now that Pranab da is very fond of reading and the bungalow has a rich library. But his daughter coming to live with him has become possible only after he shifted out of Rashtrapati Bhavan. Being a stickler for protocol, he had not allowed his own daughter Sharmistha to stay with him, as she was a senior leader of a political party, and the President is supposed to be non-partisan. But now that is not required. Now Dada is finalizing the list of all those who wish to meet him, and his daughter helping him out with that. And right time too… for the Congress leaders to march in and out of his bungalow seeking his mentorship on la affaire politique!

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